Speaker: Troy Dean, Running a Small Business as a WordPress Developer

Troy Dean

Troy Dean

After the first day of WordCamp Melbourne in February, a group of about 20 headed to an Italian restaurant nearby for dinner. It wasn’t long after the beers started flowing that the conversation turned to business.

Anyone who was at that dinner will no doubt remember Troy’s tips for managing accounts and creating consistent results. So it brings me great pleasure to be able to have Troy share those tips with a wider audience at WordCamp Gold Coast.

Troy’s presentation will cover the systems you can put in place to make sure you quote correctly and deliver WordPress sites efficiently. He’ll cover the plugins you should use and processes you can put in place to streamline the whole web development project.

His talk will give a blueprint for how to deliver consistent results every time, and make the most of your time. He will also cover some neat tricks around debt collection too!

If you run a small business that has clients and use WordPress, this presentation is a must.

You can follow Troy on Twitter. You should also follow WordCamp Gold Coast on Twitter.

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2 Responses to Speaker: Troy Dean, Running a Small Business as a WordPress Developer

  1. Japh says:

    I was there that evening, and I’m definitely looking forward to Troy’s talk!

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